Razor with JavaScript

Today I had a problem of adding markers onto a google map. I didn't really want to create a service to handle the request and return an array. So instead I tried doing something simpler.

This obviously didn't work. Razor was getting confused; it didn't know which one was the script and which one...

MVC File Upload - Access to the path is denied

Interesting problem occurred yesterday, when I was trying to upload a file to the server. I was getting: Access to the path '' is denied The problem wasn't actually caused by the file upload but by my attempt to create a directory to put that file there. After reading a bunch of answers on StackOverflow,...

ASP.NET Automatic Migrations

Understanding migrations can be a bit tricky. Hopefully, this article will resolve at least some of the questions you might have. First things first - What are migrations? Well... If you built your website using first code approach every time you change your model you need in order to keep the database in sync. There...

findViewById in a fragment

Not quite as simple as it would seem. You can't use onCreate() method because it is called before onViewCreate(). However, you can used onViewCreate, because you inflate your view: hence you have access to it:

Using Animate.css

Animate.css is one of the coolest library available out there it makes things so much more alive and it is extraordinary easy to use.

The list of effects is really impressive as well.

MVVM with Android

This is one of the best things I've seen about Android in a long time: MVVM architecture. Of course Android platfrom doesn't support it, but there is hope! RoboBinding. OK, the spec perhaps isn't the best, but the idea is great! Finally This is how simple it is with Android Studio:

Activity code:


Adding Controllers to Spark

Recently, I've been working with Furore Spark. In order to enable /fihr endpoint they had to modify the route settings.

Clearly, {controller} is not used. So in order to add new we pages I would have to add another route setting:

MediaElement Not Firing Events

Today, we encountered quite an interesting problem. MediaElement wasn't firing events. Using simple speech synthesis on Windows 8.1 using the speech synthesiser we tried:

None of the variations worked. The speech worked just the event wasn't getting fired. After a bit of digging it turned out that in order to fire events MediaElement must...