Spacing between inline-block list elements

An irritating problem occurred today. I was using lists to create menu (tab-like). Using CSS 3, I used

and I end it up having a spacing between the elements. There was no margin between elements, no border-spacing nothing. In order to make them stick to each other I used:

and added

Accessing DbContext From a Different Project

Today, I discovered in interesting pitfall when accessing the database from different projects (inside one solution). I have defined connectionString in the Web.config file. To my dismay, this was not sufficient if you want to use your data context in different projects. Specifically, I was greeted by "Connection could not be opened" error. The inner...

ASP.NET Submit button not working (unresponsive)

ASP.NET Forms are a thing of the past... Or are they? Well... I was trying in all my power to do a cross-site data submit. Interestingly enough, the button simply didn't work. Literally, You click it and nothing happens. I did manage to fix it. How?

I removed and that fixed it.

Request Error - Posting HTML to a WCF via jQuery

I created a simple WCF service for handling jQuery calls (RESTful). The service was handling data from the website one of which was raw HTML. The HTML was sanitized on the server before being saved in a database. However, whenever I made a call to the server, it greeted me with the iconic error: Request Error....

The process cannot access the file '' because it is being used by another process

I was building a simple web system which relied on XML files. On initiation, the system would open the XML config file, read it and include other XML files defined in it:

The operation was done within a WebForm and it worked just fine. I also had a WCF service whose job was to...